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Thursday / July 18.
HomeminewsEllex Launches Eye Prime

Ellex Launches Eye Prime

Ellex Medical lasers has launched a new diagnostic ultrasound technology to evaluate pathology of the eye. The company’s Eye Prime technology received Federal Drug Administration (FDA) clearance on 12 April, 2019.

According to Ellex, Eye Prime features a multifocal array of six focal points to provide health care professionals with “crisp focus to improve image definition and clarity”. The increased depth of field as well as real time dynamic aging permits materially enhanced viewing of the fine and intricate structures inside the eye.

Ellex states that these structures cannot be seen with currently available competitive offerings.

Speaking of Eye Prime, Dr Timothy Fuller, ocular oncologist and medical retina specialist at Texas Retina Associates said the device greatly enhanced his “ability to follow intraocular tumours and more precisely analyse their characteristics… as a medical retina specialist, the improvements in resolution of the Eye Prime help me to better diagnose and treat other retinal conditions including tears and vitreous detachments”.

Mr Ged Wallace, Chief Executive Officer at Ellex said, “I am pleased we have received FDA clearance for Eye Prime and launched this sophisticated diagnostic ultrasound innovation, in the key US market. Initial clinician feedback… has been highly positive, and has reinforced our goal of delivering technologies that benefit our medical clients and their deserving patients.”