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Monday / April 15.
HomeminewsMerger On Again for BHVI, OGS

Merger On Again for BHVI, OGS

Brien Holden Vision Institute Foundation and Optometry Giving Sight Australia will become one entity from 1 July 2019.

The decision was fully supported by both the Foundation and Optometry Giving Sight Australia’s Boards.

“By becoming one entity we can take the work of the Foundation to the wider Australian community,” said CEO of Brien Holden Vision Institute, Yvette Waddell.“It makes sense to formally bring together years of experience in global program delivery and fundraising to collaboratively work towards our common goal of eliminating uncorrected vision impairment and avoidable blindness.”

The work of the new entity will continue to have a global presence throughout Africa, Asia Pacific, and South East Asia.

The consolidation of strategy and resources will mean restructuring; some operations will be scaled down and some projects will cease. Staff will be supported during this transition.

Sandra Bailey, Chairperson of the Foundation, said people remain at the core of the work of the new organisation.

“Both Optometry Giving Sight and Brien Holden Vision Institute Foundation employees are passionate about reducing inequality in eye care and providing our donors with opportunities to make a difference. This renewed direction will ensure we are outcomes driven and can better service communities in need for years to come.”

The new announcement of a merger comes after a previously abandoned move to merge the two organisations in January 2018.