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Friday / July 19.
HomemifashionnewsNike Vision: Putting the Muscle into Eyewear

Nike Vision: Putting the Muscle into Eyewear

Billy Castro is a newcomer to Nike Vision, having joined the team as Design Director in late 2018. However, he’s no newbie when it comes to industrial design. With over 18 years’ experience designing products and fashion accessories, it’s his aim to deliver a different perspective that reinforces Nike Vision’s existing balance of artistry and technology. mivision caught up with Billy to find out more.

How would you define Nike Vision?

Nike Vision has a direct connection with athletes and it’s the athletic spirit that drives our brand to deliver nothing but quality and innovation – we celebrate a shared passion for sport and style.

It’s been this way since the brand first started over 20 years ago, and as a result, our products have been worn by countless champion athletes across running, baseball, and golf.

Because our product range addresses several unique needs, it’s hard to define the brand singularly, but there are a few iconic styles that represent the best of Nike Vision’s approach and style. I’d say these are the multisport frame known as Nike Vision Maverick, our running frame – the Nike Vision Tailwind, and our streetwear – Nike Vision Flatspot.

In addition to these key sun styles, a significant portion of our optical assortment is designed with Flexon memory metal technology, which stands uniquely within the athletic space.

I don’t believe there is any other brand that can say they build their product with the same muscle and matrix that we do

What excites you about your role as Design Director for Nike Vision?

Working with Nike Vision gives me the opportunity to connect athletes and Nike enthusiasts with a product that effectively marries art and science. Our products bring out the essence of competition, individual expression and technology with style.

Why do you enjoy designing eyewear?

It is always exciting to work on a product that not only empowers people to see better, but also to make them feel good about how they see the world and how people see them.

What do you believe to be the key elements of great eyewear design?

Accessibility, technology, and empowerment, as well as comfort and style are key. The Nike Vision story is one that empowers the athlete in all of us with cutting edge technology and style – you can find these elements embedded in the DNA of each of our products.

What is unique about your manufacturing process?

At Nike Vision, we live in what we call ‘the athletic ecosphere’. That means that from conceptualisation to commercialisation, our eyewear is analysed by key vision experts as well as exposed to top athletes working alongside our design and development teams. I don’t believe there is any other brand that can say they build their product with the same muscle and matrix that we do. I believe this is Nike Vision’s competitive edge, and what truly sets us apart from all of our competitors.

How involved are you and your team in the process?

Although we trust and hold our key partners to deliver high quality results, our teams are fully involved throughout the development and life cycle of our products. This approach is a direct result of the passion we each have to bring what we conceptualised as a team to reality. Because of our hands-on testing and trials, I would say that even our eyewear endures its own marathon before we will declare it a winner.

Where do you and your team seek inspiration for your designs?

It all starts with the athlete – and speed. The human machine and its unique attributes is our ultimate inspiration, and studying the relationship of the body and velocity further provokes our imagination for the most dynamic design solutions.

What designs and new technologies are we about to see from Nike Vision?

The future is very exciting as new materials and technology become more accessible. With sport becoming increasingly prevalent in our lives, we have an opportunity to approach traditional design with a new, fresh young lens that is fearless.

As we exist to serve sports champions, we are planning to deliver several remarkable new products in 2020 for athletes in their biggest moments, both on the track and on the road.

Nike Vision is distributed by VSP Australia. 

Contact: (AUS) 1800 251 025 (NZ) 0800 141 444