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Thursday / May 30.
HomeminewsEyezen Replaces Out-Dated SV Lens

Eyezen Replaces Out-Dated SV Lens

Essilor has launched Eyezen Start, a new single vision distance lens designed in response to Essilor’s consumer behaviour studies, which have shown that when consumers use devices (smartphones, tablets, eBook readers), they use more downgaze, focus close up for longer, and frequently switch between different distances. The research found that as the wearer looks down, they use an area of the lens located away from the optical centre, so vision at the edges of their lenses is often not as sharp. The result is visual fatigue, which is also associated with exposure to blue light from devices.

Tim Thurn, Professional Services Director at Essilor Australia, said standard single vision distance lenses are out-dated. “Consumers need relief from the new optical demands of their digital lives, as they juggle multiple screens, many of which are getting smaller. Our eyes work harder to see objects clearly at close distances.”

There is no power boost in the lower part of the Eyezen Start lens. Instead, new technology digitally optimises the whole lens surface for both far and near objects, delivering the right power throughout the lens. Eyezen Start’s DualOptim technology adds a second zone of optimisation. This means Eyezen Start lenses have two points of reference, one for near and one for far vision, and they take into account the object’s distance and the wearer’s direction of gaze. Blue light filtering is embedded.

Eyezen Start launched on 1 July and was showcased at O=Mega19.