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Monday / June 24.
Homemieditorialmivision Issue 148 August 2019

mivision Issue 148 August 2019

Ever thought about how you will spend the last few years of your working life… or better still, what you will do with your time once you’ve finished up?

If you’re thinking of selling your practice to retire, the time to start planning is now. According to leaders in optometry and ophthalmology, to maximise your return on years of emotional, financial and physical investment, and to ensure your patients and staff are well looked after into the future, there is much to be done.

And brace yourself for this piece of eye-opening advice… as you prepare your practice for sale, you’re going to need to work just as hard as you did in the first years of your career. Remember back then?

As you will have guessed, our lead story this issue is all about succession planning, and no matter where you are in your career, it’s well worth a read. Preparation is everything.

Despite all the logic, safety eyewear can be a hard sell. Often those with the greatest need for it find the most excuses for why it won’t work for them. My son is a case in point. Recently a shard of metal pierced his eye while at work. He was given a magnet to remove it! I believe he is now wearing appropriate protective eyewear.

While we all understand the dramatic impact that a serious eye injury can have on an individual’s life, did you realise that eye injuries have in fact, changed the course of history? In this issue, optometrist and internationally recognised safety eyewear expert, Annette Hoskin, has generously shared some of her unique research into the history of eye injuries and resultant development of safety eyewear. She delves back into biblical times, the renaissance, through world wars, onto sports fields and into industry to provide a fascinating read.

This issue is also loaded with thought provoking CPD to get you through the remainder of winter.