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Saturday / May 25.
HomemiproductsZenlens with SmartCurve Technology

Zenlens with SmartCurve Technology

According to Gelflex, scleral gas permeable contact lenses have emerged as one of the best tools for fitting difficult cases of keratoconus.

Gelflex is now manufacturing the Zenlens with SmartCurve technology, which simplifies scleral fittings and allows eye care professionals (ECPs) to zero in on the parameter modification required (effective sag, base curve, limbal clearance curve or advanced peripheral system curves).

When a parameter modification is made, the lens automatically adjusts to ensure all other design attributes remain consistent. This is particularly convenient when a best fit Dx lens requires sag modification, as the base curve remains constant, so the over-refraction remains valid.

Gelflex says the Zenlens is suitable for ECPs experienced in scleral fitting, and those considering adding scleral lenses to their practice. A certification course is available, at www.aldenoptical.com/zenlens.

Contact: Gelflex (AUS) 03 9792 3127