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Monday / July 15.
Homemifashion21st Century Frames for the Discerning

21st Century Frames for the Discerning

It is well known that as we mature our vision changes, and with this, maintaining a happy, healthy lifestyle can become challenging. People may start to worry about what these changes mean to their day to day life, and how they will overcome visual needs, all while remaining on the cutting edge of fashion.

While it’s vital to ensure all visual demands are met and patients leave your practice feeling confident with their vision, equipping your patient with the right frame design can be equally beneficial.

Among a range of obstacles that emerge later in life, vision impairments are significant. Even if they’ve never had a vision problem before, people aged in their 40s and 50s may begin to notice the effects of presbyopia when reading small print. Although it is a common change, affecting nearly two billion people worldwide,1 the onset of presbyopia can be emotionally challenging as individuals recognise a sign of aging that is difficult to ignore.

It is during times like these when the right frame design can make all the difference to a maturing patient’s self-confidence and sense of control over their aging. They want to look smart, young and stylish, and they need a transformative frame to achieve this.

When helping a maturing patient choose the frame that’s right for them, it’s important to consider their reinvigorated fashion tastes. Some patients may desire a bolder design that, with a bright pop of colour, makes a statement of confidence, reflecting their inner youth. On the other hand, some may lean towards a finer, less conspicuous design with soft colours to complement their changing features and enhance the appearance of aging gracefully.

The right frame can make all the difference to a maturing patient’s sense of self, providing an outlet for their fashion-orientated desires. With a broad range of frames to suit everyone, any look can be achieved.


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Frames to Transform Faces

Louis Marcel

Timeless and elegant, Louis Marcel offers frames with a contemporary-classic design. Centred around eternal beauty, the exquisite Italian acetates, Swarovski crystals and enamel accents lift this collection to new heights.

Contact: Aaron’s Eyewear (AUS) 07 3367 8447 

Bonastar Eyewear

Mars Fashion beta-titanium frames can make seniors look younger than they really are. More shapes and two-tone colours have recently been added to the range, helping older people to achieve a natural face lift and age gracefully.

Contact: Bonastar (AUS) 02 9310 1688


Your patients are never too old to look good and be active. Titanflex fits this bill perfectly with fashionable eyewear that is up to the task of an active lifestyle!

Contact: European Eyewear (AUS) 03 8756 0900 

Nina Ricci

Nina Ricci ensures your classic, sophisticated, and stylish senior clientele can enjoy the quality and elegant details they appreciate. Softer colourways, often transparent or semi-transparent, suit the more mature complexion.

Contact: De Rigo (AUS) 02 9428 1500 

ic! berlin

ic! berlin frames can be seen on the noses of Hollywood royalty, pop royalty, blue-blooded royalty, and everyone in between. Each frame features an ingenious interlocking hinge with a removable clip that holds everything in place to create once in a lifetime pieces.

Contact: Eyemakers (AUS) 02 9960 7766


Timeless classics with Italian modern innovation. Designed in the fashion capital of the world, Carducci delivers fashionable, lightweight and durable frames that are ideal for the 21st century adult.

Contact: Juzvision (AUS) 0428 236 251 

Maui Jim

Crafted with sophistication and elegance, Maui Jim’s metal collection features stunning shades of stainless steel flat metal in both semi-rimless and full frames. Extremely lightweight and comfortable, these frames are ideal for even stronger prescriptions as your patients age.

Contact: Maui Jim (AUS) 02 9452 5575 

Christian Lacroix

All the acetates in the Christian Lacroix collections are uniquely created for the brand in collaboration with Italian material powerhouse Mazzuchelli. This is bespoke design in its purest form, inspiration is taken from luxury prints, homeware and limited edition stationery collections.

Contact: Mondottica (AUS) 02 8436 6666 

David Spencer

David Spencer caters for the 21st century adult by combining a creative flair for materials with a well-structured, hand drawn shape.

Each piece represents the culmination of the best in form, shape, materials and colour that provide the wearer with the perfect look.

David’s new layered collection (pictured Hattie) pushes the boundaries for innovative design and manufacturing.

Contact: ProOptics (AUS) 02 8007 6041 


The Airlock collection focuses on minimalistic styling with sleek, modernised designs that are known for their durable construction.

The Airlock Homage (pictured) is a lightweight titanium frame, designed with clean lines, modern colourations and spiral hardware temple details for a classic and comfortable look.

Contact: VSP (AUS) 02 9694 8080 

Paul Taylor

Designer Paul Taylor directs his focus to provide an uplifting happy feel for mature wearers who crave to be noticed or simply want to feel great. Wearing creative, distinctive eyewear that exudes flair is all about expressing and complementing one’s character….. life is to be embraced, to be enjoyed… and it’s way too short to be boring.

Pictured is Swarve.

Visit: [email protected]