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Sunday / May 26.
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Look Deeper at Eye Health

A powerful new consumer campaign is set to drive consumers into optometry practices for an eye examination. The campaign, launched by Eyehealth1st, communicates the message, “You won’t see eye disease coming, but your local optometrist will.”

The Look Deeper campaign delivers an interactive digital experience that educates consumers about the hidden dangers of eye disease and demonstrates the difference between what they can see, versus what an optometrist can see beneath the surface of the eyes. The concept is communicated with the use of a striking hero image, the “Eyesberg”. An optimised search tool on the campaign’s website provides users with the ability to find and book an appointment with any of the optometrists listed on the EyeHealth1st platform. Approximately 65% of Australia’s independent optometrists are already listed, and the campaign is supported by social media, digital marketing, and offline marketing.

Klaus Bartosch, CEO and MD of 1stGroup, which owns MyHealth1st, said the campaign, is built to cut through and engage with consumers who otherwise might switch off.

He said making sure the message is heard is key to improving eye health and minimising the number of people affected by preventable blindness. “This is such an innovative way to get Australians thinking about their eye health and we’re thrilled to be able to have it live. So many people just don’t have eye disease on their radar, nor do they realise that there are serious eye diseases that present no early symptoms. It can be really difficult to convince people to get a health check when they have no symptoms or pain. This campaign directly addresses this challenge. Because, when it comes to eye disease, early intervention is essential for positive outcomes.”

The Look Deeper campaign is another step forward for EyeHealth1st on its journey towards achieving its long term goal – to end preventable blindness by making regular eye tests a part of every person’s health routine. Mr Bartosch, said unlike other eye health campaigns that address one particular high risk group or focus on a specific disease, the EyeHealth1st message is relevant to everyone, which will ensure it works well.

To see more, visit lookdeeper.com.au