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Wednesday / July 17.
Homemieditorialmivision Issue 150 October 2019

mivision Issue 150 October 2019

I’ve had some great conversations over the last few weeks about how successful people and businesses have come to be who and where they are.

One of the greatest findings was that successful businesses are built out of passion, integrity, and genuine respect for those around them.

Another important finding was that successful business owners don’t waste their precious energy on monitoring – or tearing apart – their competition. Instead they focus on being the best they can be in their area of expertise.

And finally, I discovered that all successful business owners and practitioners are passionate about embracing opportunities for personal and professional growth.

This is something that really excites optometrist and former national president of Optometry Australia, Andrew Hogan.

Working as an optometrist provided the opportunity for him to be interviewed by the media, which in turn opened doors for work in radio, on tv, and in podcast production. He developed a profile, which helped him become an advocate for the profession… he built and sold a successful practice.

“I could have stayed in the consulting room, instead, I looked around and took opportunities that fate threw my way – even when they totally freaked me out. Looking back, I can’t believe where optometry has taken me,” he said.

As I wrap up this issue of mivision, I’m looking forward to jumping on a plane and heading to Switzerland for two days as a guest of Novartis. I’m one of just two Australian journalists (the only journalist in eye health) to be invited on an expenses paid trip to their HQ where I will tour the laboratory, listen to presentations from the organisation’s global leaders in research and development, and interview Nikolaos Tripodis, Global Business Franchise, Head Ophthalmology.

Sure I’m freaked out, but it’s an opportunity that fate has thrown my way… and who wouldn’t take that!