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Friday / July 19.
HomemiproductsOSA & IDRA


The I.C.P OSA – Ocular Surface Analyser for dry eye diagnosis analyses functionality and stability of the tear film layers, and advanced infrared meibography imaging with automated detection and quantification of meibomian glands (MG). It delivers comprehensive qualitative tests and quantification reports including lipid layer thickness, tear meniscus height, non-invasive tear break up time, imaging of MG, classification of MG dysfunction (MGD), vivid anterior eye imaging, and pre and post treatment trend reports with graphs with easy interpretation.

The new IDRA model incorporates all the benefits of the OSA with more automation and additional features, including auto interferometry analysis, auto non-invasive tear break-up (NIBUT) mapping, fluorescein exciter filter, eye blink rate detection and 3D meibography.

Both OSA and IDRA models are slit lamp mountable or can be used stand-alone with an optional base and head rest.

Contact: BOC Instruments (AUS) 1800 804 331