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Friday / July 12.
HomeminewsSummer Trends to Boost Sales

Summer Trends to Boost Sales

Essilor Transitions Style Academy presents this season’s trends which take inspiration from the European catwalks and high street looks, but with an Australian twist.

fashionistas are citing that both bold primary colours and neutral pastels will be everywhere, although not in the same look

It’s about embracing the unique, laid-back Aussie vibe, and considering what styles, colours and designs will look good at the beach, in the office, out and about or at home.

Block Colour

Solid colour will be key. Intriguingly, fashionistas are citing that both bold primary colours and neutral pastels will be everywhere, although not in the same look.

Former Miss Universe Australia and Transitions Style Ambassador, Tegan Martin, has spotted the return of dreamy pastels and bright colours on display during Spring Racing season – it’s The Eighties with a modern twist. “Looks are tonal, so we’ll be seeing a lot of on-trend pastel yellows, pinks and blues easing us into the steaming hotter months,” she said.

Essilor Transitions Style Academy ambassador Tegan Martin

It’s not just the women who will be embracing the softer tones. Steve Tilbrook, men’s style expert and Transitions Style Ambassador, has spotted pastel and other eye-catching shades, contrasted with formal accessories, such as a pocket square or cap. A single vision wearer, Steve always thinks about how his glasses complement his style.


Accessory-wise, Tegan says, “The chain is back and could possibly be one of the most practical accessories of all time – amen to never losing a pair of glasses again!”. The style was spotted at Stella McCartney’s Europe shows, with a model presenting large dusty-pink framed glasses around her neck on a chunky gold chain.

Animal Print

The animal print trend remains, although more subtly than of late, with hints of it in resort wear and glasses frames. “This season you can do no wrong with sophisticated cat eyes, timeless aviators and big frames – they’re all on trend,” said Tegan.

Essilor Transitions Style Academy ambassador Steve Tilly

When it comes to choosing frames and lenses, both Style Ambassadors emphasise the importance of going with a look that’s comfortable and suits the face. Steve suggests that dispensers research what the season’s trends are, and then establish the patient’s preferences, whether they are conventional or favour experimentation. Lens colour is always a priority for Steve, and he not only picks Style Colours that match his personal aesthetic, but that go with his outfit.

“This season I’ll be alternating between my brown round frame with amber lenses, and a thin aviators with sapphire lenses. I always lean towards the smarter side of fashion, so for me, it’s not about work or play, it’s about the colour match and aesthetic I’ve chosen that day.”