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Monday / May 20.
HomeminewsBeamers Focuses Attention on Need to Protect Kids’ Eyes

Beamers Focuses Attention on Need to Protect Kids’ Eyes

More needs to be done to protect childrens’ eyes from UV damage, according to Sydney ophthalmologist Dr Shanel Sharma.

During an interview on 7News, Dr Sharma stated that one in three children under 11 years of age have measurable UV damage. By the time they are 15 years of age, 80% of children have sun damage to their eyes, potentially leading to long term eye disease.

Dr Sharma and colleague Dr Alina Zeldovich developed Beamers’ eyewear specifically to protect children’s eyes from UV damage and to prevent future eye disease.

“Kids’ eyes need to be protected from the sun just as much as their skin does,” commented Dr Sharma. “Beamers sunglasses are comfortable and lightweight so that children like wearing them, and they take advantage of unique Optoshield Technology for best in market protection against UV.”

Beamers are scriptable and available in a range of sizes to ensure the right fit for little kids, big kids and adults.

New to the collection are Birds for ages four to eight (pictured), and Mini Birds for ages one to four. These fun colourful sunglasses are soft and more flexible so they can offer maximum UV protection, any time, any place.

Beamers are available for optometry practices to stock and sell. To find out about more, contact: Beamers (AUS) 0410 548 678 or [email protected]