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Tuesday / July 16.
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Bp VIP.net

Bp VIP.net serves the software needs of Australasian ophthalmologists by providing customised assistance throughout all phases of consultation, installation and ongoing support.

Bp VIP.net’s recent product update, Ruby SP1, brings users new and improved functionality and enhances practice productivity and staff efficiency.

Some of the major features for ophthalmologists include:

  • ICD10 clinical diagnoses coding,
  • Integrations with various ophthalmic diagnostic imaging software and machines (DICOM, Zeiss Forum),
  • Ophthalmic fields for recording visual acuities, motility, gonioscopy and glasses prescriptions,
  • Drawing over pre-set images, and
  • Graphing any numerical data over time.

Contact: Bp VIP.net (AUS) 1300 40 1111