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Sunday / July 14.
HomemiproductsMiSight 1 day

MiSight 1 day

MiSight 1 day is the first and only FDA-approved product clinically proven to slow the progression of myopia. Its ActivControl Technology ensures consistent myopic defocus across all prescriptions, pupil sizes, and variations in lens centration.

Recognising that all myopia management treatments must be supported by strong evidence, in 2012 CooperVision initiated an international 10-year trial involving 144 children. Three year peer-reviewed results published recently in Optometry and Vision Science indicated that use of MiSight 1 day was shown to slow myopia progression: 59% as measured by mean cycloplegic spherical equivalent and 52% as measured by mean axial elongation of the eye.

The trial has continued with highly encouraging results reported for years four and five, in which the original control group was refit into MiSight 1 day.

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