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Friday / May 24.
HomeminewsSmart Contact Lens Under Development

Smart Contact Lens Under Development

A smart contact lens that features a built-in display to deliver information without interrupting vision focus, is currently under development in the United States. The Mojo Lens, being developed by Mojo Vision – a self described ‘invisible computing company’ – uses augmented reality (AR) to project digital images and information onto the user’s vision.

Mojo Lens uses purpose-built microelectronics and a dense micro-display to layer digital media. The technology, referred to as Invisible Computing, aims to create an easy user experience, which is different from current AR glasses and headsets.

The display uses MicroLEDS, AR/VR hardware and heads-up displays (HUDs) and includes the Mojo Vision 14,000-pixel-per-inch (ppi) display which delivers a pixel density of over 200 million ppi. This means the display feature is small and highly dense, maximising space for other components such as batteries.

Steve Sinclair, Senior Vice President of marketing at Mojo Vision, said the lens comprises of a “medical-grade contact lens, supply power, and data.

“It’s a rigid, gas-permeable lens… it’s super comfortable because it sits on the white part of your eye.”

Mojo Vision is also working on an early application of the Mojo Lens to assist people with low vision through enhanced image overlays. Through further development, the lens has the potential to deliver functional vision assistance while remaining discreet.

The Mojo Lens is currently in the developmental stages with release date unknown.


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