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Thursday / June 20.
HomeminewsMultiple Awards for Shamir

Multiple Awards for Shamir

Shamir’s premium progressive lens, the Shamir Autograph Intelligence, has been voted 2020 Product of the Year in the ophthalmic lens category by consumers at the Portugal Innovation, as well as 2020 Best Product of the Year in the optics category at the Grand Award for Innovation ceremony in Spain.

The awards come hot on the heels of Shamir Autograph Intelligence being announced 2019 Lens Product of the Year at the Optician Awards in Birmingham, United Kingdom.

Shamir describes the advanced progressive lens as “a technological breakthrough in progressive lens design that adapts to the diverse needs of today’s presbyope”. The lens was developed following an extensive research project using methods of big data analysis and elements of artificial intelligence.

Within the 12 different additions, each individual addition has 36,000 different inbuilt design options, reinforced by the latest three new Shamir technologies: The new Eye Point Technology AI, Continuous Design Technology, and Visual AI Engine. The wearer’s lifestyle needs are automatically designed using the individual addition power.
New Eye Point Technology AI incorporates software HEIM (Head Eye Integrative Movement) which tracks exactly where wearers look, and considers the actual viewing angles and switch distance frequency for “perfect vision” by age group in any zone – horizontally or vertically.

Continuous Design Technology has 12 prototypes, one for each visual age (addition), ensuring that every patient receives a unique lens suited to their specific visual age and based on their visual needs.

The Visual AI Engine implements the continuous design concept along a matrix of optimisation parameters, therefore having an advanced capability to mimic human behaviour.