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Sunday / June 23.
HomemiproductsHenson 9000 Visual Field Analyser

Henson 9000 Visual Field Analyser

Henson Perimeters is the optometrists’ perimeter of first choice in the United Kingdom and has a rapidly growing install base worldwide. The Henson 9000 has an ergonomic compact design that’s ideal for space-constrained environments and requires no maintenance.

The intelligent Zippy Adaptive Threshold (ZATA) algorithm uses the more efficient Bayesian method to derive threshold values and includes powerful tools for analysing progression. Where patients have been tested previously, ZATA will build on this prior data for subsequent tests, rather than starting a new test from age norm data, as is common with other perimeters.

Time duration between test stimuli automatically adjusts to patient response and a 24-2 ZATA threshold test can typically be completed with high sensitivity in as little as two minutes per eye. This reduces patient fatigue and optimises test reliability and accuracy.

ZATA uses the standard printout for universal compatibility and comparison with data from other perimeters.

Contact: BOC Instruments (AUS) 1800 804 331