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Tuesday / June 25.
HomeminewsMyHealth1st Launches Digital Marketing for Optometrists

MyHealth1st Launches Digital Marketing for Optometrists

A new digital marketing and patient engagement service has been launched by MyHealth1st to help independent optometrists increase patient acquisition, boost retention and promote long-term loyalty.

Digital marketing, when done well, is an extremely powerful and cost-effective way to market your practice, get more patients through your door and improve patient loyalty. However, for many independent practices, time and budgetary constraints along with a lack of marketing knowledge can make it seem an overwhelming and ineffective option.

These are strategic campaigns that will undoubtedly be more effective and a whole lot cheaper than anything the practice has done…

Klaus Bartosch, Managing Director and CEO of 1st Group Ltd, which owns MyHealth1st, says the “practical and affordable” service is set to be a game-changer.

“When it comes to digital marketing, independent optometry practices are at a significant disadvantage, with far less budget and support than big corporate optometry practices. And despite many independents knowing how valuable and important digital marketing is, a lack of time and know-how means they’re unable to build out effective marketing campaigns.

“This new service is a practical and affordable solution that helps them achieve great results almost immediately. Practices are now able to access and benefit from the expertise of a digital marketing team – all without the huge expense often associated with such services.”

He said after running a digital marketing health check and audit, the managed ad services team will determine the digital channels best suited to a practice’s needs and map out a personalised plan to suit their budgets and their short- and long-term goals.

“We understand every practice is different and has unique needs and objectives, whether that be new patient acquisition or complex digital recalls programs,” said Mr Bartosch. “That’s why these bespoke marketing plans are so important – because there’s simply no one size fits all solution.”

Marketing plans may include campaigns across Google Search, Google Display, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Google Shopping, and more. Dedicated account managers will set up and manage all campaigns, regularly refining and optimising for maximum success.

“I’ve had so many optometrists and practice managers tell me they’ve tried marketing in the past and it just hasn’t worked for them. And when you’re on a limited budget, seeing no return on your investment can be really disheartening,” said Mr Bartosch.

“That’s what makes this service so fantastic. Clients have peace of mind knowing experts are in their corner working to get the most out of every marketing dollar that’s spent – which is so important, particularly if you’re an independent. These are strategic campaigns that will undoubtedly be more effective and a whole lot cheaper than anything the practice has done or considered doing in the past.”

Mr Bartosch said while new patient acquisition is a major focus of the service, patient re-engagement and improved practice loyalty is just as important.

“We know re-engaging existing patients can be difficult. In fact, the majority of patients never return to an optometry practice after their first visit. Our managed advertising service is able to help practices continue the conversation after that initial appointment and re-engage lapsed patients so they return time and again.”

Social media will also play a big part, with practices able to benefit from social campaigns that Mr Bartosch says, “will get the right message in front of the right person at the right time – whether that’s reminding them to book their next appointment, or encouraging them to refer the practice to their friends. Word of mouth referrals are so powerful and social media is the perfect platform for that.”

To find out more, or book a free marketing health check and digital audit, email [email protected]