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Sunday / May 26.
HomemiproductsAdvanced Ultravit: Precision Technology

Advanced Ultravit: Precision Technology

The Advanced Ultravit 10,000cpm beveled high speed probe for vitreoretinal surgery features:

  • A beveled tip that’s designed for improved access to the tissue plane,§1 
  • Dual-pneumatic high-speed cutting in 25+ gauge for decreased traction,*2 and
  • An optimised duty cycle for increased vitreous flow.*3

Contact: Alcon Laboratories Account Manager 


1. Ultravit Tip proximity. Data on file, Alcon Laboratories Inc, May 2017.

2. Test protocol and final report 25+G Advanced Ultravit 10K traction comparison study. Data on file, Alcon Laboratories Inc, February 2018.

3. Final report for advanced Ultravit vitreous flow rate. Data on file. Alcon Laboratories Inc, November 2017 *In a laboratory study comparing Ultravit Advanced probe at 10 000 CPM (maximum cut rate in core mode) to Ultravit Probe at 7500 CPM (maximum cut rate in core mode).

† 95% confidence interval, n=30 tests. p<0.05. ‡ 95% confidence interval, n=6–12 probes. p<0.05.