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Thursday / May 30.
HomemibusinessShamir Expands Offering to Support Practices

Shamir Expands Offering to Support Practices

Shamir Australia, a Certified Australian Made company for six years, is expanding its support for customers with a new practice ecommerce site and direct delivery services to help compete with online companies.

An entity of Shamir Optical Industry Ltd, which was established in Israel in 1972, Shamir Australia began producing spectacle lenses in Brisbane in 2006. Its Autograph Intelligence progressive lens design has been recognised with multiple international awards for Lens Product of the Year from the UK, Spain and Portugal.

According to Shamir Australia Chief Executive Officer Paul Stacey, one of Shamir’s key values is to enhance the visual experience and maintain the eye health of customers around the country. Mr Stacey said Shamir’s ground-breaking technology enables them to do this. “For example, our most advanced premium progressive lens, Shamir Autograph Intelligence, is designed to uniquely adapt to each wearer’s visual needs while Shamir Blue Zero is a lens material with built-in protection against blue and UV light.”


Shamir Australia’s sister company, Shamir OHS, which distributes prescription and nonprescription safety eyewear, recently donated eyewear to medical staff at St Andrew War Memorial Hospital in Brisbane.

“To combat the issue of spectacles fogging while wearing surgical/hygiene masks, we offered medical staff working directly with patients a complimentary pair of spectacles fitted with Shamir lenses and applied with Shamir anti-fog lens coating.

Certified safety eyewear with anti-fog protection from Shamir OHS Eyres range were provided to those without the need for prescription lenses,” Mr Stacey said. “We wanted to ensure staff have clear and comfortable vision so they can focus clearly when working directly with patients or the task at hand.”

The specialised anti-fog lens coating prevents the back surface of the lens fogging up, making it effective for sports, during activities where safety glasses are required, and even while wearing medical/hygiene masks to ensure clear and comfortable vision.


To support the needs of practices as they navigate challenging economic times, Shamir has launched its Eye-Frame e-commerce service and the new Shamir direct delivery service.

Shamir Eye-Frame enables eye care professionals to create their own online store. The free service, which is exclusive to Shamir customers, provides an effective way for practices to remain in contact with their patients and for patients to view the latest frames available at the practice online 24/7.

Additionally, Shamir has launched Shamir direct delivery, which sends orders straight to the patient, reducing handling time and offering a more efficient delivery process. Patients can request an order via telephone or online from their practice/optometrist and have their order sent straight to their home or any preferred address.

“We are constantly thinking of and implementing simple solutions with major benefits to help practices/optometrists and patients,” said Mr Stacey.

Shamir continues to support practices with training and education via the Shamir Academy, which is led by qualified optical dispenser, technician and training manager, David Sullivan. Launched in January 2019, Shamir Academy also conducts webinars, presentations and onsite visits – including in-house laboratory tours enabling visitors to discover lens production processes from concept to completion.

The Shamir Academy also offers business and product data insight reports, as well as bespoke training for those who want to find out more about Shamir products and how they can be of benefit to their patients.


Now celebrating six years since first becoming a Certified Australian Made company, Mr Stacey said local manufacturing offers distinct advantages.

“Being an Australian Made company is very valuable to the economy and to Shamir customers. This has been particularly evident this year during the COVID-19 crisis. Shamir Australia has continued production, providing orders and remained opened as usual, working through the COVID-19 crisis while undergoing strict health and safety guidelines to prevent COVID-19 within the workplace.

“Ensuring the health and wellbeing of our staff is a priority while supporting the local economy and workforce and fulfilling customers’ orders – especially for those remaining open for emergency situations and for essential services,” Mr Stacey said.

He continued, “local customers appreciate Shamir Australia’s willingness and ability to respond quickly to market demands and fill orders for custom-design product lines. We understand the pressures our customers are under and we are here to support their everyday requirements through these unprecedented times.”