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Tuesday / June 18.
HomemifashionnewsEpoch Leaps: Niloca Custom Pieces

Epoch Leaps: Niloca Custom Pieces

Niloca Eyewear’s newest frame harks back to tradition and embraces innovation, residing in what historians call, epoch leaps.

“Epoch leaps are littered throughout history, the earliest being the Cambrian Explosion, it produced the precursor to what has become the modern day crocodile, remaining somewhat familiar, but adapting to modern times,” says Colin Redmond, Industrial Designer and founder of Niloca Eyewear. By sourcing horn from local indigenous clans and titanium from master crafters in Japan, Colin has blended the best of style and function without compromising the ophthalmic requirements of the patient and optometrist. Available as custom order pieces.

Email: Niloca [email protected]