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Monday / June 24.
HomemiproductsOptos Daytona Plus for UWF imaging

Optos Daytona Plus for UWF imaging

Daytona plus provides eye care professionals with ultra-widefield digital images of 200° or up to 82% of the retina in a single, non-contact optomap image. Daytona plus comes with OptosAdvance browser-based image review software, which allows for simple documentation, monitoring and referral processing, to assist in patient management and improved patient flow.

Daytona plus offers non-mydriatic, non-contact imaging through 2mm pupils and many cataracts, high image resolution to show fine detail across the retina (optic disc, macula and periphery), enhanced optics for improved resolution in the inferior and superior fields and three-inone colour depth imaging. Unlike white light, low powered laser wavelengths can scan simultaneously, allowing retinal substructures to be reviewed in their individual laser separations (colour, sensory (red-free), and choroidal).

Contact: Optos (AUS) 08 8444 6500