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Saturday / March 2.
HomemiproductsShamir: New, Affordable Vocational Digital Lens

Shamir: New, Affordable Vocational Digital Lens

Shamir Australia has launched its new Vocational Digital lens, an improved occupational shift lens in digital freeform.

The certified Australian Made manufacturer and supplier of premium spectacle lenses, coatings and materials, states that these new Vocational Digital lenses “are more affordable than other occupational lenses and offer clearer vision”.

Shamir Vocational Digital lenses are available in:

  • 1.5 index with higher indexes available soon, and
  • Clear, Transitions or Shamir Blue Zero (a lens material that has exclusive Shamir technology with built in protection against blue light).

Designed for office environments and ideal as reading glasses, Shamir Vocational Digital lenses are ideal for focussing on near and mid distance work. The lenses come with two dynamic shifts, 0.75 and 1.25, and they help alleviate computer vision syndrome, providing crystal clear vision for printed pages, computer screens and more.

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