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Saturday / June 22.
HomeminewsBecoming Annie: Annie Gibbins’ Biography Launched

Becoming Annie: Annie Gibbins’ Biography Launched

The fascinating life and impressive achievements of Annie Gibbins, CEO of Glaucoma Australia and founder of the mentoring business Lipstick Consulting, have been revealed in a biography written by Dawn Bates.

Becoming Annie tells the story of “a woman who redefines what it means to be a woman in the corporate world… and what it is to be a woman in each and every area of life”.

By unpacking 50 years of Ms Gibbins’ “crazy life journey”, author Dawn Bates paints the picture of a woman “who has been championing others her entire adult life, giving back and consistently outperforming herself – with what some would agree are ridiculous goals and ideas”.

The biography takes the reader back to the early years of Ms Gibbins’ life and the events that shaped the woman we know today, who is embraced for her courage and determination, combined with warmth, humility and grace.

Describing the book, Ms Bates has stated, “In Becoming Annie you will discover how this mother of five – including two sets of twins – has allowed curiosity to bring out the best in her, and has made a significant difference to the health sector and the community.”

Ms Gibbins said having a book written about her life had been a powerful learning experience. “It has given me 100% clarity of who I am, what drives me, what I want to achieve, what brings me joy, contentment and gratitude,” she said. “Being curious is a precious gift as it results in striving for a higher purpose, not only for myself but also those I serve, honour and advocate for.”

While most challenging was “allowing myself to be vulnerable enough to expose myself in the most raw and authentic way”, Ms Gibbins said the most rewarding aspect of the experience was “releasing secrets, cutting anchors and removing limiting beliefs which do not serve a future which is rich, vibrant and happy”.

Ms Gibbins hopes her biography will inspire other women to pursue their ambition and help grow her own business by furthering her global network.

“We all have the potential to thrive in business and life, we just need to find or create an environment which nurtures our unique gifts, talents and attributes.

“I hope my biography inspires women across the world to a take big, bold, brave steps toward an empowered future which they design with intent so they can achieve success, balance and happiness in their terms.”

In addition to being CEO of Glaucoma Australia and the founder of Lipstick Consulting, Ms Gibbins is a keynote speaker, hosts the podcast Memoirs of Successful Women, and mentors and coaches through her online MAGIC Transformation programs.

Becoming Annie can be ordered at dawnbates.com/anniegibbins