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Saturday / June 22.
HomemiproductsiTrack for Early Moderate Glaucoma

iTrack for Early Moderate Glaucoma

The iTrack MIGS procedure is redefining the treatment of early moderate glaucoma.

Performed via an ab-interno approach and using breakthrough microcatheter technology, the iTrack by Nova Eye Medical (www.nova-eye.com) is an atraumatic, tissue-sparing MIGS procedure that achieves excellent clinical outcomes while also preserving the viability of future treatment options.

Based on the same principles of angioplasty, the iTrack combines viscodilation to enlarge Schlemm’s canal and to dilate the distal outflow system, with 360° catheterisation of Schlemm’s canal to remove outflow resistance and improve outflow,1-3 thereby reducing intraocular pressure by an average of 30%.4 It can also reduce the medication burden by an average of 50%.4 There is growing evidence to support the role of iTrack as an adjunct to other MIGS procedures.5

Contact: Nova Eye Medical [email protected] 


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