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Saturday / June 15.
HomemiproductsSafilo: Innovative Solutions for Lens Fog

Safilo: Innovative Solutions for Lens Fog

The issue of lens fog has become a hot topic of discussion and a driver of innovation due to increasing requirements for people to wear face masks and coverings in the current COVID-19 environment.

Fog is created when warm air hits a cool surface, causing condensation to form. When wearing a mask, warm air from the mouth and nose escapes through the top of the mask and hits the cooler spectacle lenses which causes this fogging.

During the initial stages of the COVID-19 pandemic, Safilo switched the focus of its research and development, industrialisation and manufacturing teams in Italy to produce eyewear and safety products to support local doctors, nurses and health professionals. The result of their efforts was the Polaroid Face Shield for medical professionals, which has been further developed to meet the needs of the broader community.

“The Polaroid StaySafe face shield is designed for professional and continuous use thanks to its comfort and lightness,” explained Andrea Rolando, Senior Marketing Professional at Safilo Australia. “It is certified and tested under EN 1663 to ensure optical clarity and impact resistance, and is registered with the Therapeutic Goods Administration.

“We hope the shield may help practitioners continue to interact with their patients in this difficult time and maintain a sense of connection by allowing them to see each other, without fogging up while wearing a mask.”

Reusable, hygienic and adjustable to fit with an elastic band, Mr Rolando said the StaySafe face shield is easy to clean with soap and water. “It is also available in a kid’s size, making it perfect for school and as an alternative to a mask,” he added.

Polaroid has also developed a new visor (PLD 7038/S) which is designed for face protection, and is easy to clean and disinfect. The new visor by Polaroid Visor acts as a sunglass, protecting the eyes and face thanks to a wide wrapped lens, with 100% UV protection.

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