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Saturday / June 22.
HomeminewsVibrant NuPolar Campaign Taps into New Consumer Behaviour

Vibrant NuPolar Campaign Taps into New Consumer Behaviour

In time for peak sunglass season, Younger Optics has launched a striking new NuPolar campaign that is designed to appeal to the shift in consumer behaviour and attitude, along with a suite of new point of sale materials for practice use.

Quality outdoor vision solutions have never been more relevant or necessary as people spend more time outdoors socialising, enjoying recreation and exercising in a COVID-safe way. Couple extended time outdoors with consumers’ heightened focus on health and quality of life, and the appeal of polarised lenses has never been greater.

Younger Optics’ brand new NuPolar campaign You’ve Never Seen Better has been launched at a perfect time. It taps into current consumer need to increase the quality of their lives, and to enjoy and revel in the simple things like the great outdoors. It’s also opportune as people spend more time on the road exploring their own backyard.

The campaign uses almost unimaginable scenery images that are bright, vibrant and crisp to represent the vision NuPolar polarised lenses provide wearers. Craig Johnston, Younger Optics ANZ Sales & Marketing Manager says, “Only polarised lenses can deliver this vibrancy, contrast and depth; something that ordinary tinted lenses cannot do. It demonstrates the quality of vision and the heightened experience NuPolar can deliver as people spend more time outdoors.

“Now more than ever, patients want and need quality eyewear that will enhance their time outdoors,” he said. “Not only do patients want exceptional vision and protection, they are also willing to pay for quality lenses. Eye care professionals can be confident about recommending NuPolar for its reputation for consistent and durable quality.”

The campaign can be brought in-store with brand new point of sale. There is a choice of four different window posters – one side featuring striking scenery as seen through NuPolar lenses and the other side showing models wearing NuPolar. The practice can choose an image and talent that best suits their patient base and practice aesthetics.

Also available are window decals to add depth to the windows and counter cards, all with a choice of four models, along with a new consumer brochure. To better show patients NuPolar lens colours and performance, demonstration tools are on offer. Social media content is also available.

NuPolar is available in solid, gradient, mirror and photochromic styles in a range of colours and materials. For more information and to order point of sale, demonstration tools and social media visit youngeroptics.com.au.