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Thursday / August 18.
HomemiproductsLacritec: Systemic Approach

Lacritec: Systemic Approach

Lacritec is a systemic approach to dry eye treatment that can augment other dry eye treatments in an effort to achieve superior outcomes. Lacritec combines the benefits of concentrated fish oil, borage oil and the “proven and professionally researched” flax seed oil.

Stiltec says that Lacritec provides an opportunity to build profits, drive customer volumes and loyalty by recommending a quality brand that is not sold in pharmacy. It is available in pack sizes of 60 capsules or more convenient and economical packs of 200 capsules. Stiltec recommends patients start with three capsules per day for the first six weeks, then drop back to the maintenance dose of two capsules per day.

Contact: Stiltec (AUS) 1800 622 883