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Thursday / August 18.
HomemiproductsiCare COMPASS and MAIA : A New Horizon for Perimetry

iCare COMPASS and MAIA : A New Horizon for Perimetry

iCare’s Compass Perimeter and MAIA (Macular Integrity Assessment) microperimeters offer the latest in retinal-tracked threshold perimetry, overcoming the age-old fixation challenges of static-perimetry.

The Compass uniquely pairs structure and function by combining standard threshold perimetry strategies with high-resolution, true-colour fundus imaging. Auto-focus technology avoids the need for any trial lenses, while reports and progression analyses are presented in standardised formats.

The iCare MAIA offers the best in confocal microperimetry to combine visual field tests and fixation loss correction using a real-time, nonmydriatic confocal scanning laser ophthalmoscope retinal tracker. The iCare MAIA detects and monitors functional changes in retinal sensitivity with great reliability. Scotopic testing is also available as an option.

Visit: www.icare-world.com