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Friday / May 27.
HomemiproductsMedmont Meridia Builds on Legacy

Medmont Meridia Builds on Legacy

Medmont has built on its legacy of topography performance with the launch of the Medmont meridia advanced topographer – a new, single platform for multi-modal eye health evaluations, that is ergonomic, patient friendly and has a small footprint.

Important to this iteration of the topographer is the addition of dry eye disease applications, which Medmont says, will add clarity to eye care professionals’ management approach, while also streamlining workflows.

Incorporating the latest technology, medmont meridia enhances topography imaging by offering a larger field of view to deliver more of the patient’s eye in a full-colour single image. This, along with Medmont’s highly regarded composite map technology, enables more clarity and confidence when evaluating the need for, and fitting, specialty lenses. This in turn, the company says, will deliver higher first fit success and reduce chair time.

Along with advanced corneal topography technology, the new platform offers premium anterior and fluorescein imaging and videos, enhanced meibography imaging, clear tear meniscus height and tear break-up time measurements, and more. An advanced ergonomic design with five quick keys on the instrument will enhance dexterity, precision, control, and comfort.

Patient Engagement

Patient engagement, education and empowerment are key to achieving better treatment compliance, more repeat office visits, and referral business. With this in mind, the Medmont team says its new platform has been evolved to include Medmont Studio which offers proven clinical grading scales, meaningful and actionable patient views, and visual patient reports that will help facilitate patient consultations and treatment strategies.

Overall, Medmont claims the 10kg device enables higher patient volume within a small space, allowing eye care professionals to develop and extend their dry eye and specialty lens business – the ultimate goal being to help practices and clinics optimise return on investment.

Contact: Medmont (AUS) 03 9259 0800