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Friday / August 19.
HomemiproductsStreamlined: Baerveldt Implants

Streamlined: Baerveldt Implants

Baerveldt glaucoma implants have a unique design that combines a large surface area in a streamlined device that can be implanted in a single quadrant. This means a simplified procedure with minimal trauma to periocular tissue and thus, low inflammation. The clinical benefits of a large, single-quadrant implant include effective long-term intraocular pressure control, increased capacity to drain aqueous and relieve pressure, and potentially fewer postoperative, anti-glaucoma medications.

The Baerveldt pars plana glaucoma implant is the first and only glaucoma implant designed with the Hofmann Elbow for placement during a pars plana vitrectomy or for use subsequent to pars plana vitrectomies. It also has a patented fenestration system to control bleb height and volume.

Contact: Johnson & Johnson Vision Account Manager