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Thursday / June 20.
HomeminewsThree Year Results Confirm MiYOSMART Effect

Three Year Results Confirm MiYOSMART Effect

The good news keeps coming on for MiYOSMART, spectacle lenses with patented Defocus Incorporated Multiple Segments (D.I.M.S) Technology developed by Hoya Vision Care in cooperation with The Hong Kong Polytechnic University.

Three year results, published in the British Journal of Ophthalmology1 (March 2021)  confirm that the lens can achieve a “significant and immediate slow-down in the progression of myopia” and that the slowing is sustained.

The new study was conducted by the Centre for Myopia Research at The Hong Kong Polytechnic University and follows-up on the two-year study which previously demonstrated evidence of the effectiveness of the lens in slowing down the progression of myopia on average by 60% in children ages 8-13.2

the group that moved from regular single-vision to the MiYOSMART spectacle lens showed  a significant and immediate slow-down in the progression of myopia

The three-year follow-up study conducted on 120 children in Asia, included 65 from the original group using the MiYOSMART lens who took part in the previous study and 55 children who moved from using a single-vision lens for two years to the MiYOSMART lens in the third-year of the study. At the end of the third year, results in the original group of children using MiYOSMART lens showed that slowing in myopia progression over time was sustained and the group that moved from regular single-vision to the MiYOSMART spectacle lens showed  a significant and immediate slow-down in the progression of myopia.

“The results of the three-year follow-up study on the MiYOSMART spectacle lens are very positive, providing evidence that the lens continues to slow myopia progression in children, including the impressive results when switching from a single vision lens,” said Griff Altmann, Chief Technology Officer at Hoya Vision Care. “As myopia in children is on the rise globally, Hoya Vision Care is proud to be a leader in developing a safe, easy and effective way to manage the growing problem.”

The DIMS spectacle lens design is based on the principle of myopic defocus and simultaneous vision. It is a dual-focus spectacle lens consisting of a central optical zone for correcting distance refractive error, and a batch of tiny circular segments with a relative positive power of 3.50D equally distributed throughout the mid-peripheral area in a honeycomb pattern. It works by imposing myopic defocus while providing clear vision for the wearer, simultaneously at all viewing distances.1

Launched in some markets in mid-2018, the MiYOSMART lens won the coveted Grand Prize, Grand Award and Gold Medal at the 46th International Exhibition of Inventions of Geneva in April 2018.  In October 2020, the lens was awarded the Silmo d’Or Award in the Vision Category at the Silmo Paris Optical show.



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