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Monday / May 20.
HomemiproductsDFV Dry Eye Solutions

DFV Dry Eye Solutions

Studies show that dry eye disease is multifactorial, so correct diagnosis is key. Whether it’s the Oculus Keratograph 5M with Jenvis Pro dry eye report, or the new Tearcheck analysis system from ESW-Vision, Designs For Vision (DVF) has this covered.

For treating dry eye in-practice, the proven E>Eye intense regulate pulsed light provides an elegant high-tech solution. DFV also offers a range of complementary treatment products including: the new Avenova Hypochlorous acid lid spray, Optimel manuka honey drops and gel, I-Lid n’Lash premoistened wipes, Oasis punctum plugs, Eye-Eco DERM warming masks, Tranquileyes goggles, and Eyeseals for lagophthalmos.

DFV also has a range of meibomian gland expression instruments to choose from, and new AmnioTek amniotic membrane for treating cases of severe ocular surface disease.

DFV can show you how to build a successful and rewarding dry eye practice, with highly satisfied patients.

Contact: Designs for Vision (AUS) 02 9509 8100