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Friday / May 24.
HomemifashionGuess Eyewear: A Daring Blend of Past and Present

Guess Eyewear: A Daring Blend of Past and Present

Established in 1981 by the Marciano brothers, who left the south of France in pursuit of the ‘American dream’, today Guess is a global lifestyle brand renowned for its innovative apparel and accessories designed for the young, glamorous consumer.

Within this is Guess Eyewear. Featuring fashion forward silhouettes and bold combinations, and complete with the distinct triangle logo, red colouring, animal prints and jewel detailing, the collection pays homage to the brand’s European roots while reflecting its timeless core values.

Guess Eyewear is for adventurous, daring and self-confident men, women and teens in search of easy-to-wear frames with fashionable attitude. Emerging as the result of a successful collaboration between Marcolin and Guess, the collection includes stylish sunglasses and optical frames inspired by seasonal themes and concepts. Later this year the collection will be expanded with a range of eyewear for kids as well.

Taking a classic shape and adding a modern twist… is Guess’ key to creating head-turning styles…


Taking a classic shape and adding a modern twist – whether that be incorporating daring colour combinations or reflective mirrored shades – is Guess’ key to creating head-turning styles to wear all season long.

To make this a reality, a team comprising designers, technical, research and development specialists, along with Guess’ business unit and creative team, design and engineer every frame to represent the brand’s DNA and serve a unique purpose to the consumer.

“From the initial idea to the final realisation, all elements are dealt with in detail – in fact, up to 90 steps are completed by human hands to guarantee that materials and execution pass the strict quality controls at every phase,” Matteo Blandi, Marcolin Marketing, Communication and Events Director explained to mivision. “This, along with the continual seamless collaboration between Guess and Marcolin, ensures maximum quality is maintained.”

As a result, he said, every pair of glasses has a unique story that speaks of quality, expertise and passion.


In a world where information is so easily accessible, inspiration can be found anywhere and in everything. For the design team at Guess, sources of inspiration are vast and ever-changing.

“Trend research reports and customer feedback provide insight into what the consumer desires from their eyewear. Coupled with inspiration found in jewellery, art, architecture, vintage come-backs and the natural environment, our latest range of Guess Eyewear designs are reflective of the world around us,” said Mr Blandi.

Epitomising the luxurious and playful nature of Guess design, and inspired by contemporary architecture, the new FW’21 model GU7787 is an oversized glam cat-eye sunglass featuring a trendy design and gradient lenses. Paired with a detachable eyewear chain with an oversized Guess logo, the complete look is highly recognisable, reflecting the brand essence.


Mr Blandi outlined the three main trends that the Marcolin creative team observed in eyewear for autumn/winter 21.


While new brands look to the future for inspiration, those with a rich heritage, like Guess, tend to borrow from the past, revisiting iconic elements through technology to offer modern and innovative products.

To meet the market, Guess Eyewear has developed the pilot design, which is suited for customers in search of comfort, perfect fit, and an effortless, natural look.

Smart-Virtual Future 

Futuristic frames are also emerging in the coming season. “Our creative team sees high-tech fabrics and materials as well as technological devices, such as wearable smart accessories. Frames feature wraparound designs with oversize volumes covering most of the face, reflective of the aerodynamic, futuristic appeal.”

1970s Retro 

Finally, XXL sizes dominate the 1970s retro scene where typical oversized shapes are reinterpreted with contemporary details to present groovy frames for the modern wearer.


Both boundary-pushing styles and design evolution foreground Guess’ plans for new and exciting eyewear collections to come. Within this, Mr Blandi said Guess will always honour its heritage as an important element on which the brand was built, and continues to thrive. “Colour play and luxurious details will be a key aspect of the coming spring/summer collection…. and your younger customers can look forward to an exciting new kids’ range, which will be released in the second half of this year.”

Guess Eyewear is distributed by Marcolin (AUS) 02 8456 0946