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Saturday / April 20.
HomemiequipmentOn Trend 2021 – Lens Coatings to Enhance Eye Health

On Trend 2021 – Lens Coatings to Enhance Eye Health

COVID-19 has had a major impact on consumer behaviour. From an explosion in hygiene product purchases, to increased investment in health and wellbeing services, people are putting their health first when it comes to how they spend their money. If there was ever a time to educate patients and upsell suitable lens coatings that enhance eye health outcomes for patients, it is now.

Lens coatings will be a mystery to the majority of your customers, however when you take the time to explain the features and demonstrate the benefits, they’ll quickly get the picture. Here are some of the lens coatings that are trending right now that are sure to engage your customers’ interests:


For people who are concerned about general eye strain from wearing glasses all day, anti-reflective coatings are not new, but the technology is improving all the time and can make all the difference to someone with persistent eyestrain. DuraVision Premium lens coatings from Zeiss reduce reflections by more than 20% – both on the front and back surface. This way the eyes appear natural – without distracting reflections – inside or outside, day or night.

Traditional anti-reflective lenses still have a green residual reflection because this is easier to manufacture. However, green does not optimally reduce reflections: less light comes through the lens, leading to more reflections on its surface. Lenses with DuraVision Premium coatings feature a blue residual reflection resulting from a significantly more advanced anti-reflection process. This increases transmission and reduces surface reflections effectively, making the lenses appear even clearer – almost as if they were invisible – and completely eliminating reflections.


Since the pandemic, we have all spent more time indoors and working from laptops at the home office or kitchen table. Zeiss BluePro is the latest generation in blue light protection lenses, blocking up to 40% of potentially harmful and irritating blue light. The blue-blocking properties are incorporated into the lens material itself and come standard with Zeiss’ most premium anti-reflective coating – Zeiss DuraVision Platinum. This offers uncompromised lens clarity, which produces a subtle blue residual reflection.

Zeiss BluePro lenses are designed to address digital eye strain in an increasingly digital world. Zeiss combines blue light blocking with full UV Protection in a clear lens.


Most consumers are more hygiene-aware than they were a little over a year ago. Anything that gives customers peace of mind to reduce exposure to dirt, grime and pathogens will be well received by the market.

The ultra-smooth Zeiss Clean Coat is dirtand water-repellent, and the anti-static layer prevents dust and lint build up – keeping the lenses cleaner for longer and making them easier to clean.


Lens coatings have the potential to be a big upsell winner in 2021. Talk to your customers about their health concerns and lifestyles to understand their needs and what lens coatings will resonate.