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Friday / April 19.
HomemiproductsSBM OS1000: Two-in-one Diagnostic Workstation

SBM OS1000: Two-in-one Diagnostic Workstation

SBM Italy’s new OS1000 is an integrated diagnostic platform that combines a corneal topographer with a complete dry eye assessment.

Functions include auto interferometry, which automatically evaluates quantity and quality of the lipid layer; tear meniscus assessment for height, regularity and shape; auto non-invasive tear break-up times with map and graph functionality; 3D meibography to image morphology of the glands and calculate meibomian gland drop out; and blink quality evaluation. Comprehensive reports generated include trend analysis and graphs.

The OS1000 delivers high resolution anterior segment imaging, and records conditions such as blepharitis, cylindrical dandruff and the presence of demodex. Furthermore, it includes numerous functions including pupillometry, ocular redness classification and white-to-white measurement.

Contact: BOC Instruments (AUS) 1800 804 331