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Monday / June 24.
HomemiproductsZeiss Contactless Vision Examination

Zeiss Contactless Vision Examination

Embracing technology and new innovations into your practice will enable you to dedicate additional time to your patients and give you a first-hand understanding into how they see the world.

Start the Zeiss vision experience with the Zeiss VisuConsult 500 platform, accessed from either an iPad or desktop, where you will capture patient history and vision analysis. Continue with an objective refraction using the Zeiss iProfiler Plus and subjective refraction with the Zeiss Visuscreen 100/500 and Visuphor500. Conclude the workflow with digital centration solutions from the Zeiss iTerminal mobile to the latest Zeiss Visufit1000. Not only does your patient benefit from a contactless examination, they will also be rewarded with Zeiss customised lenses, which deliver uncompromised vision.

Visit: www.zeiss.com.au/vision-care/eye-care-professionals/products/instruments-technology.html