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Saturday / June 15.
HomemiproductsThe Cylite HP-OCT

The Cylite HP-OCT

The Cylite HP-OCT is poised to make a great impact on the field of myopia control worldwide. By using its unique snapshot capture of 1,008 simultaneous beamlets, and its industry-leading scan rate of over 300,000 scans per second, the HP-OCT minimises eye movement artefacts and can accurately acquire stunning 3D volumetric images of the eye. In doing so, it measures all biometric parameters relevant for myopia control in a single capture.

Not only can it measure axial length, topography of both corneal surfaces, anterior chamber depth, lens thickness and retinal thickness, it also has the ability – for the first time – to measure anterior and posterior topography of the crystalline lens, which may prove to be important in our understanding of myopia development.

Visit: www.cyliteoptics.com