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Thursday / May 30.
HomeminewsFirst AI Contactless IOP Measuring

First AI Contactless IOP Measuring

Israeli company Ophthalmic Sciences has unveiled the IOPerfect, which it describes as the world’s first AI-based contactless intraocular pressure (IOP) measuring device.

The proprietary technology, which combines AI-based visual analysis in a virtual reality-like headset, allows tele-diagnosis and remote monitoring of glaucoma, and can be used in eye clinics, emergency departments, nursing homes, by pharmacies that provide health services, and at primary care physicians’ offices for at-home monitoring of patient IOP without the need for eye drops or frequent calibration.

According to Ophthalmic Sciences, the test takes less than two minutes and is unaffected by corneal thickness, with its patented algorithm offering trustworthy AI-based image processing analysis of vascular pressure response.

IOPerfect applies mild controlled air pressure within the headset while micro-video cameras capture the difference in response to pressure of internal vs. external eye blood vessels. Data is uploaded to a secure cloud where analysis takes place and results can be accessed by the clinician for interpretation.

Noam Hadas, inventor, co-founder and CTO, Opthalmic Services, said, “Non-contact, remote measurement of IOP is very challenging, which explains why current glaucoma management is based on infrequent measurements even though IOP fluctuates continuously. Such sporadic monitoring would be unheard of in diabetes or hypertension management which is why I embarked on this journey.”

The device will be available in two versions, the IOPerfect and the IOPerfect Plus and, with approval, could be on sale in the US and Europe in 2023.