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Tuesday / August 16.
HomeminewsPutting the Emphasis on Eye Health in Diabetes

Putting the Emphasis on Eye Health in Diabetes

Optometrist Dr Amira Howari is hoping to make a positive impact on eye care for people with diabetes, having been appointed to the board of The Primary Care Diabetes Society of Australia (PCDSA). PCDSA, a volunteer-run organisation, was established to support primary health care professionals to deliver high-quality clinically effective care, in order to improve the lives of people living with diabetes

With the prevalence of diabetes increasing worldwide, preventing and managing diabetes and its associated comorbidities and complications is crucial. The most effective way to support optimal wellbeing in people living with diabetes is an inter-professional, collaborative approach, with the person living with diabetes at the centre of care. However, while many primary care services support the holistic wellbeing of Australians, too many continue to operate in silos, with limited awareness of, or access to team based care by broader primary care providers.1

PCDSA aims to:

  • Share best practice in delivering quality diabetes care,
  • Provide high-quality education tailored to health professional needs,
  • Be a voice for primary care professionals intent on improving standards of diabetes care,
  • Collaborate with organisations and promote and participate in research involved in promoting high-quality diabetes care,
  • Disseminate up-to-date, evidence-based information to health professionals, and
  • Promote coordinated and timely interdisciplinary care.



Dr Howari, who has lived with Type 1 diabetes for 30 years said she is thrilled to have the opportunity to represent the eye care industry within the diabetes healthcare community.

“To better support the physical, mental and social wellbeing of people living with diabetes, it is essential to break down healthcare silos and mobilise the extensive primary care network.

“I am looking forward to proactively collaborating with allied health professionals and medical health care professionals to build an integrated patient centric network. As an active member of Optometry Australia, Ambassador for Diabetes Australia and member of the Diabetes and Endocrine Network Agency Clinical Innovation (NSW Health), I endeavour to promote a more holistic and multidisciplinary approach to diabetes health care and to provide customised resources and tools for the various allied health professions and subspecialties to allow for more inclusive inter-referral system.”

Join the PCDSA

The PCDSA board comprises diverse, multidisciplinary experts who are on advisory boards, writing committees for guideline development and committees advising peak organisations and have published widely in the diabetes field. The board provides relevant and timely education and training to health practitioners (including general practitioners, nurses and allied health professionals) to improve the quality of health services, including fortnightly webinars run in collaboration with the National Association of Diabetes Centres (NADC).

Membership of the PCDSA is open to all healthcare providers working in primary care who support the organisation’s mission and aims. It is free to join.

Visit: www.pcdsa.com.au.



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