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Tuesday / March 5.
HomemiequipmentZeiss EQ: Connecting the Workplace

Zeiss EQ: Connecting the Workplace

EQ Workplace connects devices, data and applications, enabling seamless cataract workflow integration from office to the operating room (OR) and back. mivision spoke to Dr Richard Barry, Cataract and Vitreoretinal Surgeon, and Principal of Blink Eye Clinic in Canberra, about his experience using this innovative software.

Based on Forum from Zeiss, EQ Workplace is software that enables single-click data transfer and auto-population of data, saving surgeons’ time pre-operatively. This makes it possible to access biometry and diagnostic data remotely, and to calculate and select intraocular lenses (IOLs) anytime, anywhere.

For Dr Richard Barry, it’s proven to be the perfect solution to improve his practice efficiencies.

“I use Forum, which is a fantastic product in itself, but EQ Workplace has been the cherry on top,” he said.


Dr Barry highlighted how the introduction of EQ Workplace has reduced his reliance on manual data transcriptions and print-outs – Zeiss IOLMaster 700 data is transferred automatically to the Zeiss EQ Workplace where it populates the relevant fields for IOL calculation and selection, and the IOL data is copied directly into the IOL order.

“This gives me worry-free and fast IOL selection. I can drag and drop any IOLMaster 700 pdf into EQ Workplace for calculations. Barrett True K is built in for post-refractive patients and I can adjust the target refraction and toric power with the click of a button,” explained Dr Barry.


Furthermore, he said EQ Workplace provides added protection against adverse events.

“Errors were made along the administrative pathway but thankfully the timeout before theatre managed to capture these mistakes before an incorrect IOL was inserted. I have selected one incorrect IOL preoperatively in the past, which led to a refractive error (piggy-back corrected), and I am extremely diligent in checking repeatedly, so I am sure this is a major concern for all surgeons. It can happen to anyone. EQ Workplace will make errors negligible. In fact, I have not had one issue since using EQ Workplace.”


Once the IOL of choice is identified, the surgeon can move to the next stage of the cataract workflow – pre-planning their surgery remotely by connecting to Zeiss Callisto eye and preparing surgical assistance functions. All relevant IOL information and assistance functions are available at the start of the surgery, and are pre-set – saving surgeons and their staff valuable OR time.

For Zeiss IOL users, the Zeiss EQ Mobile app lets them confirm the selected IOL by scanning the barcode on the IOL package.

For Dr Barry this connectivity has made a significant difference in his workflow.

“When the theatre list is finalised, the IOL list is sent to the theatre nurse to order IOLs and IOL information is downloaded through the EQ Workplace Mobile app directly to the Callisto eye in theatre. I arrive in theatre, all toric IOLs are confirmed with Callisto eye with the click of a button, and away we go. Easy. Safe. Efficient. Worry-free.”

In conclusion, Dr Barry said EQ Workplace has made a real impact by increasing efficiencies his practice. “Once you use EQ Workplace you will never go back. Especially for busy surgeons. It has been a fantastic addition to my workflow.”

This article is sponsored by Zeiss Surgical.