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Wednesday / July 17.
Homemieditorialmivision Issue 182 September 2022

mivision Issue 182 September 2022

As life resumes with COVID all around us, product launches are taking place, conferences are underway, and there’s excitement in the air as colleagues reconnect after more than two long years of lockdowns.

Yet we’re also seeing plenty of movement in the sector. Perhaps because now, as the pressure valve is being released, people are realising their level of mental and physical exhaustion. Perhaps, if taking a holiday is not an option, the lure of change feels just as enticing. Or, having taken time to reflect, they’re simply getting intentional about their career paths and the best opportunities to keep moving forward.

Take a look through this issue of mivision and you’ll see plenty of evidence: academics moving to join University of Western Australia, the departure of Optometry Australia’s chief executive offi cer (CEO), new CEOs for Macular Disease Foundation Australia and Glaucoma Australia, and reports of a shortage of optometrists and dispensers to fi ll gaps in practices around the country.

For employers, onboarding new staff can deliver opportunities for the business to grow, with a fresh set of experiences, expertise and enthusiasm coming into the fold.

On the flip-side, onboarding can be an unexpected expense – there’s recruiting, paperwork, administration, training, and workplace setup to be considered, as well as lost productivity while all of this takes place.

Do you need to pay over the average to attract the best staff in a tight market – and does this mean you’ll need to increase the salaries for existing staff as well, or risk losing them? After all, why penalise those with experience and knowledge of your organisation who have demonstrated loyalty over time?

All tricky decisions to ponder at a time overlaid with economic uncertainty.

In this issue, Emily Gibbs talks to the sector about strategies you can implement to engage the best talent and retain them over the long term. If you’re a business owner, this may be timely advice.