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Saturday / May 18.
HomeminewsMykita Showcases New Sustainable Campaign at SILMO

Mykita Showcases New Sustainable Campaign at SILMO

Mykita’s collaboration with Eastman to switch 100% of its frames to Acetate Renew, was showcased on the first day of SILMO Paris, with the release of the Mykita Acetate collection and launch of the brands campaign film and newspaper.

The new collection, made entirely from Eastman’s Acetate Renew, embodies the timeless aesthetic Mykita is renowned for, while solidifying the brand’s sustainable ethos.

The new collection, made entirely from Eastman’s Acetate Renew, embodies the timeless aesthetic Mykita is renowed for

“When Eastman asked us if we would like to partner with them, since we’re known for making quite bold moves and decisions, we actually then decided to go the full way and switch 100%,” Lisa Thamm, Head of Brand Communications for Mykita, told mivision. “Worldwide, we were the first eyewear brand to do a complete pivot, and this has paved the way for other brands to get onboard – we were the posterchild.”

Eastman’s Acetate Renew uses molecular recycling whereby difficult-to-use materials, such as carpet and PVC, are broken down to the molecules, as opposed to smaller pieces like with typical recycling.

“The great thing about molecular recycling is when you break it down to the molecule it’s identical, in the end, to conventional acetate, but reduces the carbon footprint up to a third,” said Ms Thamm.

The new collection also features an entirely new hinge design, known as endura hinge, which limits the tension, that typically forms in acetate frames, to preserve shape.

“While we’re known for the spiral hinge which has become our trademark, the new hinge is a very minimalistic solution, and it ensures that the frame stays distortion free.”

“It allows for low maintenance from the optician’s end, but also from the end consumer because it maintains its form. There’s also a silicon ring to prevent moisture.”

To best capture Mykita’s aesthetic, in harmony with the technological advancements of the molecular recycling process, the film campaign, shot in Berlin, is a visual display of the collaboration between Eastman and Mykita.

The campaign also includes the release of a Mykita Newspaper dedicated to the topical themes of circularity and sustainability in design. The paper, which features images shot by a Ukrainian photographer, is currently on display, alongside the new Mykita collection and campaign film, at SILMO Paris.

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