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Thursday / May 30.
HomemiproductsTopcon Henson 9000 Visual Field Analyser

Topcon Henson 9000 Visual Field Analyser

With its ergonomic compact design, and being virtually maintenance-free, the Topcon Henson 9000 perimeter is ideal for busy, space-constrained environments. Manufactured in the United Kingdom (UK) since 1986, Henson Perimeters are UK optometrists’ first choice perimeters, and are rapidly increasing in popularity in Australia.

A 24-2 ZATA Standard threshold test can typically be completed with highest sensitivity in well under three minutes, and the ZATA Fast threshold typically takes about two minutes per eye, reducing patient fatigue while optimising test reliability and accuracy.

Additional test options include ZATA Standard, ZATA Fast 10-2, and Esterman binocular driving tests. ZATA uses the standard printout format for universal compatibility and comparable test data to gold standard perimeters.

Contact: BOC Instruments (AUS) 02 9643 7888