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Monday / June 24.
Homeminews1.74 High Index Now Available for NuPolar Polarized

1.74 High Index Now Available for NuPolar Polarized

Polarised lenses are now available in high index materials for high prescription patients, following the launch of NuPolar in 1.74 high index material.

The product release means eye care professionals can offer ultra-thin, polarised sun lenses to high plus and high minus prescription patients. Previously, high prescription patients either had to choose heavy and thick polarised lenses, or forgo polarised lenses completely.

Wearers will benefit from lighter, more comfortable polarised eyewear with improved aesthetics as the lenses look more attractive in the frame.

“We expect the eye care industry to welcome this expansion into high index polarised lenses,” says Craig Johnston, National Sales & Marketing Manager at Younger Optics. “Laboratories particularly prefer NuPolar lenses while other polarised lenses vary in quality and performance, NuPolar consistently outperforms other products during processing.”

We expect the eye care industry to welcome this expansion into high index polarised lenses

The company claims that “NuPolar 1.74 polarisation characteristics are the same as all NuPolar products: excellent heat stability, superb adhesion characteristics virtually eliminating the possibility of delamination, consistent true curve control, high polarization efficiency, and unrivalled colour uniformity”.

The lenses are manufactured MR-174 resin, a high-performance material with good processing and stability characteristics. NuPolar 1.74 – in grey and brown – is offered in four base curves with precise film placement to allow for minimum thickness over a very wide Rx range (-13.00D to +9.00D). NuPolar 1.74 semi-finished single vision lenses can be processed digitally or with traditional processing equipment.

To read more, view the full range, order demonstration tools or order point of sale, please visit www.youngeroptics.com.au.