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Sunday / April 14.
Homeminews23 Contact Lenses in Eye

23 Contact Lenses in Eye

An ophthalmologist in California has gone viral with a video of a procedure she performed to remove 23 contact lenses from a woman’s eye.

The patient, who is in her 70s, had complained of blurry vision and feeling something foreign in her eye.

Dr Katarina Kurteeva, a cataract and refractive surgeon, said the woman had used a new set of contact lenses each day for 23 days without removing them.

The video shows Dr Kurteeva carefully sliding the lenses down from the top portion of the woman’s eye.

Dr Kurteeva said as people get older, “the socket of the upper lid becomes really deep”.

“In her case, all those contact lenses were able to hide like a stack of pancakes really far deep inside in the least sensitive part of the eye.”

The video of the procedure has gone viral on multiple social media platforms.