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Thursday / May 30.
HomemifashionCarrera: Daring Attitude is in the DNA

Carrera: Daring Attitude is in the DNA

In its 66-year history, Global eyewear brand, Carrera, has never shied away from the spotlight.

Characterised by its daring personality and bold legacy, Carrera frames represent the perfect balance of sport and fashion – a competitive heart with a stylish allure.

The name ‘Carrera’ first emerged on the eyewear scene in 1956 when sports eyewear maker and innovator, Wilhelm Anger, decided to rename his company after the Carrera Panamericana, a Mexican open road 3,000+ kilometre racing event.

Carrera is well-regarded as a statement brand for people who live life by their own rules

Widely considered as one of the most dangerous, adrenaline-filled races in the world, it was only fitting that the eyewear brand quickly became synonymous with a daring attitude – one which attracted consumers whose desire to defy the status quo characterised their rebelliousness.

A passion for action-fuelled racing remains embedded in Carrera’s DNA. Today, it is known as a statement brand for people who live life by their own rules. Drawn to the pioneering design, outstanding quality, and daring appeal, Carrera describes these self-confident individuals as “free-spirited trendsetters” who sport their frames worldwide.

To best represent this unique market, Carrera has devised three core collections – ‘Flag’, for those who want to stand out from the crowd; ‘Signature’, for the refined wearer; and ‘Active’, for those passionate about the outdoors.

Designed by Safilo, at the Safilo Design Centre in Padua, Italy, these frames draw on one of the biggest eyewear archives in the world to seek timeless inspiration from the brand’s roots. However, to meet the interests of a contemporary market, attention is also given to emerging trends.

The result is quality eyewear with distinctive detail and iconic style, an example of which is best evident in the Champion model. Loved by actors, athletes, music stars and celebrities, this iconic piece of eyewear falls into the category of frames for those who want to stand out from the crowd. A classic teardrop shape reinterpreted with bold volumes, Champion features unique design elements such as the signature ‘C’ in the middle of the front, and three angular lines on the temples. In fact, in their trailblazing nature, Carrera was the first brand to place a signature trademark in the middle of the front, a unique detail of character that the brand says is “constantly evolving but is never ostentatious”.

Such attention to detail is also evident in the ‘C’ tips found on the temple ends of Carrera frames. This element is elevated from a simple functional feature to a distinctive detail, and was designed specially around the iconic Carrera logo, outlining its profiling and framing its curve. As well as this, fans of the brand will also be familiar with the black-red- black Carrera flag, reminiscent of the lines and colours of car races in the 1970s, and now brandished across their eyewear.

From design details to manufacturing quality, Carrera is also proud to harness premium materials for the creation of all its collections. The use of titanium offers uniqueness, exclusiveness, comfort, biocompatibility and lightness, as well as durability, achieved through the material’s high resistance to corrosion.

Drawing on its rich past, Carrera endeavours to evolve while remaining faithful to its history and roots. New technologies are currently in the developmental stage, with plans for release over the upcoming seasons. Beyond this, Carrera is set to broaden its horizons with an increase in models for women and younger demographics – all with that iconic daring flare.

Carrera is distributed in Australia by Safilo: (AUS) 1800 252 016 and in New Zealand by Black Eyewear: (NZ) 9215 4559 or [email protected].