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Sunday / June 23.
HomeminewsOptomate Integrates with KeepSight

Optomate Integrates with KeepSight

KeepSight is growing its national footprint with optometry practice management solutions provider Optomate (Monkey Software) set to integrate with Diabetes Australia’s diabetes eye check reminder program next month.

More than 265,000 people with diabetes are now registered with KeepSight to receive free reminders when their next diabetes eye check is due. KeepSight provides an opportunity to dramatically reduce rates of diabetes-related vision loss and blindness in Australia by facilitating early detection and early treatment.

Our free activation system is driving thousands of people with diabetes to Australia’s optometrists, enabling them to deliver many more comprehensive eye examinations, safeguarding sight

Specsavers and Luxottica (OPSM and Laubman & Pank) practices are already integrated with KeepSight, allowing optometrists to enrol people for supplementary diabetes eye check reminders from Diabetes Australia as the trusted source of health information for people with diabetes. Collectively, these providers currently record around 12,000 visits from people with diabetes each month.

With the addition of Optomate, more than 1,300 additional practices around the nation will have the opportunity to use an integrated solution to automatically register their patients for diabetes eye checks.

KeepSight Program Director Taryn Black said she was delighted Monkey Software (Optomate) would join the KeepSight fold.

“Currently any eye care provider can enrol people with KeepSight, but integration with practice management systems makes it streamlined and systematic, which is fundamental in our ability to ‘shift the dial’ on the incidence of vision loss from retinopathy and macular oedema. Making the process seamless for both the patient and the practice enhances our ability to make a genuine impact on how many people with diabetes are engaged in their eye health and receiving regular checks,” Ms Black said.

“We know that regular checks and early detection are the key to dramatically reducing the incidence of vision loss from diabetes.”

Ms Black said that in addition to providing reminders, KeepSight also focussed on supporting people who had never had an eye check, as well as following up with those who have attended an optometrist appointment but have not presented for their next appointment.

“Our free activation system is driving thousands of people with diabetes to Australia’s optometrists, enabling them to deliver many more comprehensive eye examinations, safeguarding sight,” she said.

“The KeepSight ‘find a provider’ function helps people with diabetes without an existing eye care provider to identify optometry practices near them and help to facilitate appointment bookings.

“As well as benefiting people with diabetes through early detection, the program is also driving an increase in appointments and return appointments.

“Diabetes Australia’s KeepSight branded reminder messages that are sent to people with diabetes support existing optometry recall systems. The messages include the name of the practice that enrolled the person to encourage the patient to return to that practice for continuity of clinical care.

“Our consumer research has indicated that Australians with diabetes welcome additional reminders for diabetes health care appointments. It also indicates reminders from Diabetes Australia are particularly valued by people as the organisation is regarded as an independent advocate for people living with diabetes.

“We also take data security very seriously and all appropriate steps are taken to protect personal and sensitive information.”

Monkey Software Director Chris Monks emphasised his commitment to KeepSight’s vision to end preventable vision loss from diabetes.

“We are more than happy to provide our user community with an Optomate Touch/KeepSight integrated solution at no added cost. We are focused on helping to make a positive impact to reduce diabetes-related blindness in Australia,” Mr Monks said.

Practices interested in becoming KeepSight partners can contact Taryn Black [email protected]