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Tuesday / July 16.
HomeminewsMyopia Care for Kids Ad Campaign

Myopia Care for Kids Ad Campaign

Hoya Vision Care has launched a public education and advertising campaign designed to raise awareness of both myopia in children and the company’s MiyoSmart spectacle lens range.

The ‘Myopia Care for Kids’ campaign includes digital display advertising – including bus shelter and shopping centre ads – as well as social media ads across Australia and New Zealand.

Hoya says the campaign aims to raise awareness about the growing rise of myopia in children, which commonly begins in children ages 6-14.1

“Our new consumer campaign ‘Myopia Care for Kids’ takes a proactive approach, encouraging parents to have conversations with their eye care professional and learn more about their child’s myopia,” said Krista Hoey, Hoya’s Marketing Manager, Australia and New Zealand.

“These conversations about myopia progression and management are important because we know myopia is best treated early to avoid long-term vision issues,” she said. 2

The campaign focuses on the MiyoSmart spectacle lens with Defocus Incorporated Multiple Segments (DIMS) Technology, aiming to send consumers to MiyoSmart-accredited eye care practices.


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