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Thursday / June 13.
HomemifashionInspired by La Ville Lumière: Paname Eyewear Shines Brightly

Inspired by La Ville Lumière: Paname Eyewear Shines Brightly

Paris: The City of Light, the fashion capital, the City of Love… Paname. While Paname is French for Panama, the Central American country, it is also a hip nickname used by the French as a term of endearment for their beloved capital. And the name Paname is also now synonymous with exquisite eyewear.  mivision spoke to Nicolas Loison, owner and manager of Paname, about the inspiration behind this unique and stylish French brand.

Q. What does the name ‘Paname’ mean?

Paname is an evocative and trendy nickname for Paris, the City of Light.

It conjures up images of famous places such as Montmartre, the Moulin Rouge, the Marais, the Père Lachaise and even Bastille. Exploring Paname’s winding cobblestone streets is like embarking on a journey to uncover its hidden gems. It’s no wonder this city has captivated so many hearts!

Q. Tell us about Paname, the brand. What makes it so special?

Paname is known for optical and sunglasses frames that stand out from the rest with a unique style and colour pallet.

Each year, Paname releases around 40 new styles to keep up with, and even set, the latest trends in design and colour combinations.

To ensure our customers have access to our best-selling models, we have recently introduced our Core Collection. The Core Collection is 20 models in six colourways that will be available across multiple seasons. We’ve found this impressive range is what makes us so popular among fashion enthusiasts the world over.

Q. How did Paname start?

Paname first began in 2014 when three childhood friends – myself (Nicolas Loison, head designer), Jérémy Pelletier and Flab – decided to start a brand of stylish optical and solar glasses. I had been working within Angel Eyes Eyewear, before deciding to establish my own collection.

We all had different training in graphic design, design, fashion, marketing, and commerce. It was a unique combination of skills and we wanted to create a collection that could promote the French culture.

Taking an unconventional approach with equal parts courage and teamwork as their guide, Paname marked the beginning of something special: a story about three Parisians following their own path against all odds.

We three co-founders really saw it as our duty to shape the image and identity of our eyewear collection, while respecting the codes, values and colours of Paname, the city.

Q. Why does someone choose Paname over other brands?

Paname is an iconic brand that stands out from the rest. Our collections feature timeless shapes, bold materials and meticulous finishing with optical and solar models in a variety of colours.

It has a strong identity that pays tribute to the characteristics of Paris while also offering boho-chic glasses with a modern twist. Paname offers something unique for those who want to make a statement through their eyewear choice.

Q. Do you have a typical customer?

Typically, our customers – or ambassadors as we call them – are people of strong opinions, who are not afraid to set trends rather than follow them. They are art lovers and appreciate and embrace quality in every aspect of their life.

Q. Where do you seek inspiration for your Paname designs?

Design and aesthetics are my passion. I’m constantly inspired by the world around me, from the beautiful hues of a sunset sky to the curves of an architectural façade – these visuals often serve as a starting point for designing a new model.

Additionally, I find it helpful to stay curious about other areas within the fashion-world; this helps me discover new sources of inspiration that can be applied to my designs.

Q. What do you think will be the new big trend in eyewear?

I believe that the new big trend in eyewear will be a celebration of individuality and self-expression. We are entering an era where people want to express their own unique style, rather than trying to conform with what everyone else is wearing.

As such, more ‘out there’ designs that make a statement are becoming increasingly popular as people strive for a look that reflects their personality. This could include bold colours, unique shapes, and interesting patterns – really anything that allows someone to stand out from the crowd.

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